Bluebell wood

You may have stumbled over somewhere in your childhood or later in life, that feels like a magical place only known to you or a few others.

It’s place that fits you perfectly, and you can go there and feel at ease, relax and clear the clutter in your mind. It might only exist at certain times of the year, or at a certain time in your life.

For me, this is Bluebell Wood, which is part of a forest in England. There are other places in my life that have a similar effect, but Bluebell Wood always had a mystical beauty, due to her short appearance once a year.

Do you have such a place? If not, don’t worry. The best way to find your own ‘Bluebell Wood’ is late on a sunny springtime evening, preferably on a bicycle, but walking also works. Follow your shadow, and let the bike or your heart do the rest. You might find a Bluebell Wood nearby, or it might find you.

– Tom Griffin

Bluebell wood is the debut single of Tom Griffin.

Vocals, guitars and keyboard: Tom Griffin
Bass: Per Tobro
Drums: Sigmund Nilsen
Additional backing vocals: Richard Nygård
Producer: Richard Nygård and Tom Griffin
Mixing: Roar Nilsen
Mastering: Morgan, Propeller mastering

Bluebell Wood – Tom Griffin