Hamsun Street

Knut Hamsun’s intense poems about life, death, and love have always fascinated singer songwriter Richard Nygård. These poems have now, for the first time, been translated into English lyrics. «Hamsun Street» is a concept album that blends together elements of pop, rock, and indie. With its soulful melodies and rich acoustic instrumentation, this album pays homage to the 70s sound, while also incorporating modern influences for a fresh and exciting twist.

«Hamsun Street» is an imaginary street where we meet Knut Hamsun’s protagonists and their hopes, longings, and enthusiasm. Here, we find romantic lovers, passionate thieves, melancholic philosophers  and hopeful poets. Richard Nygård’s soft, warm voice takes you on a journey in the mind of Knut Hamsun.

Singer songwriter Richard Nygaard started writing songs while studying printmaking at Oslo National academy of the arts. The Beautybag is his musical playground. He has previously released several albums and singles.

Listen to the album here!

All songs written by Richard Nygård

Richard Nygård: bass, guitar, piano, vocal
Sigmund Nilsen: drums
Eivind Molden Norseng: electric guitar, pedalsteel
Tom Griffin: piano, vocal
Jørn Hansen: electric guitar
Yvonne Skuland Walderhaug: vocal
Ola Eseth Moen: violin
Helga Hommedal Blikås: cello
Anna Fortis: flute
Sara Øien Humlen: vocal
Ante Skaug: marimba
Yngve Mork: electric guitar
Ante Skaug: marimba
Ketil Kielland Lund: flugelhorn
Lars Støvland: piano and organ
Carl Ferdinand Gjerdrum: double bass

Mastering: Morgan Nicolaysen
Mixing: Richard Nygård
Distribution: Musikkoperatørene / The Orchard
Catalogue number: OTR8029

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