Jaffre: Dreams

Dreams is an album which centers around Jaffre’s unique and powerfull voice. Only backed by a piano Jaffre delivers a rock solid platform of soothing songs and haunting lyrics

This is what Jaffre him self has to say:

“For years and years I have created music, but only recently have the right words and melodies entered my head. I have tried to get better as musician but also as a human. This record I feel is a step in the right direction. My grandmother once told me that I had to feel the music, not only in the heart, but also down there. Good advise! Dreams is a record about hope as I look around and see a world gone mad in all kinds of ways. But it is also my little way to try to capture some of the immense beauty in the world”.

Dreams is Jaffre’s first album.

Listen to the album:

Live at Herr Nilsen

Live at Herr Nilsen


After many years of working behind the piano is Jaffre finally ready with his masterpiece “Dreams”. The album is a deeply personal dive in the artist’s inner self. Nothing is held back. Jaffre is Jan-Fredrik Kjeldahl Løvlien – master salesman, painter, writer, poet, and not least – singer. Jaffre is a character from a bygone era. He has risen from a novel from when the city was still shrouded in soot, mist and pipe smoke. Dreams are from a life where the drama is alive. It is not trivialities that are unfolding – it is life and death. When you are with Jaffre the juices flood until it bursts, the voices ring out, the city trembles, no man or woman goes untouched, every drop is squeezed out, all the crumbs are consumed – until only the skin remains.

Enjoy the album!


Etter mange års virke bak pianoet er Jaffre til sist klar med sitt verk “Dreams”. Platen er et dypt personlig dykk I artistens indre. Her holdes det ikke igjen på noe. Jaffre er Jan-Fredrik Kjeldahl Løvlien – mesterselger, maler, forfatter, poet og ikke minst – sanger. Jan er en karakter fra en svunnen tid. Han har skrittet ut av en roman fra dengang byen fortsatt var innhyllet i sot, skodde og piperøyk. Dreams er fra et liv hvor dramaet lever. Det er ikke trivialiteter som utspiller seg – det er liv og død. Når du er med Jaffre flommer saftene til det brister, stemmene runger, byen filleristes, ingen mann eller kvinne får gå uberørt, hver dråpe vris ut, alle smuler fortæres – til det bare er skinnet igjen.

God fornøyelse!