Sheldon Blackman lays claim as the heir apparent to soca music with an authentic throwback return to the mainstream entitled “Pumpin”.

Music video:
Director: Richard Nygård
Dancer: Pearl Tawiah (Tabanka Dance Ensemble)
Camera: Christian Heredia and David Espinal Møller

The Norwegian-based eldest son of the Blackman musical clan layers a raspy chant atop an old skool rhythm that pays homage to the roots of the genre his father created. Garfield “Ras Shorty I” Blackman would no doubt be overwhelmed by the international acceptance and success of soca music.

That universality is most evident in the production of Sheldon’s single. Norwegian producer Jam Solo (Jorn Hansen) is the creative mind behind Blackman’s sound. They meet somewhere in the middle ground of their respective cultural influences to create a sound that can be embraced on both sides of the Atlantic.

“Working with Sheldon has been an education, for both of us. We’ve learnt so much from each other and that collaboration comes through in the music. Trini’s can’t help but sway to it and Norwegians can stop tapping their feet,” Hansen said of the collaboration.

In a reversal of roles the Oslo native is in Trinidad preparing for what will be his second carnival experience while Blackman is stuck in subzero temperatures back in Norway.

“Yes I’m freezing over here while Jam Solo gets all the warmth but that’s the beauty of life when we can exchange and rearrange and coexist,” Blackman said with a laugh.

Blackman, who is the lead singer of his Oslo-based Soul Rebels band, says he’s all about creating music world audiences can enjoy.

“I always aim to create music that I can play anywhere in the world. And this track is no different. Once you appreciate good music you’d see the value in what we have created,” Blackman said of the collaboration.

Call in to your favourite radio stations to request Sheldon Blackman’s “Pumpin” or log on to his social media pages to explore the music and get more info.

Title: Pumpin
Artist: Sheldon Blackman
Composers: Jørn Hansen aka Jam Solo & Sheldon Blackman
Lyrics: Sheldon Blackman
Production: Jam Solo for Shabby Road Productions
Release type: single
Genre: Soca
Copyright: OffTheRecords
Released: 2015
Label: OffTheRecords
Catalogue number: OTR8012
Publisher: Musikkoperatørene AS
ISRC: NOCBW1501010
UPC / EAN: 7071245234546
Duration: 03:54